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Welcome to the on-line home of the Wolf Clan. We are part of the Overhill Nation of Cherokee Descendants. We are dedicated to the preservation and furtherance of the Overhill Cherokee culture, customs,and language.

We meet near Lakeland Florida, which is geographically near the center of the state. We meet monthly, normally on the first Saturday ofthe month. We became a clan of the Overhill Nation in October 2005. As we grow, we expect we will be involved in more and more activities. We have already twice taken part in the Winter Haven/Auburndale Christmas parade(neighboring towns to Lakeland). We have have also fished as a group,and had several very enjoyable warrior campouts so far.

We are open to new members seeking to partake in their Cherokee heritage.

The Overhill Nation has no government recognition or benefits. We are Cherokee descendants who want to celebrate and preserve traditional Cherokee culture and language. As our Principal Chief, Chief Man Many Trees puts it, "We want to make sure our ancestors did not live and die in vain."

If you grew up knowing you were of Cherokee ancestry, and have a sincere interest in learning about and sharing your heritage, that's good enough for us. Having a Cherokee heart is much more important to us than proving what percentage Cherokee you happen to be.

To the Cherokee people, the Wolf symbolizes the family. Wolves mate for life, nurturing and fiercely protecting their young. Children will always be a very important part of this Wolf Clan.

If you have an earnest desire to join us, contact any of the following: