Spring 2012 Campout Report

By Grey Eagle

In the Fall of 2009 we camped at Candler's Point on Lake Hatchineha. We wanted to go back there again for this campout, but the water levels were a little high for that campsite - not flooded like last fall, but the campsite would have been smaller due to the higher water level. So we decided to camp on the higher banks of the Kissimmee River just a little South of there.

We took two canoes along so we would have plenty of cargo room, but also so that we'd have canoes to paddle around on the river near camp. We tied the canoes to the smaller motorboat and travelled "train fashion" into camp.

We travelled in two motorboats. Strong Bear had his big boat. We set up on the West bank of the river.

We wasted no time getting the fishing started

Looks like Grey Eagle's rummaging for a snack.

Our canoes shown stored out of harms way from passing motorboats

Wanting to experience what the Jororo (the original Indians of the Kissimmee River area) ate for much of their diet, we collected, cooked and ate river mussels. The Jororo must have had a better recipe for mussels. We didn't much like ours.

At one point someone notice we were being watched by this bald eagle just across the river.

Kaya, Chief Wild Red Star's wolf pup, valiantly protected our campsite from the eagle.

Strongbear bravely volunteered to hold this attack dog so it wouldn't go after the eagle.

Here's the whole fleet of boats we took

Returning to our vehicles after camp was over

Back at the marina, we meticulously loaded up all our gear, the canoes, and both motorboats before hitting the road back home.