Story of Life

(For those outside the Florida Wolf Clan, the red words below are names of Wolf Clan members)

As the Whispering Sun shines over the plains, the Autumn Wind lifts the Soaring Eagle closer to the Red Star. The Brown Star Mountains are full of life. The Little Bear watches as the Strong Bear catches fish for their lunch from the creek of life. The Quiet Bear sits in the shadows watching the Hawk Dancing high above the plains. When off in the distance you can hear a Praying Owl's hoots, then nightfall is near. The Grey Eagle high in his tree watches as the winds of change rise from the east and set in the west. The Spirit Butterfly flutters over the sleeping animals like a Catcher of Dreams. The Mystic Coyote walks out of the forest, and lets out a howl as if it Speaks from the Heart, to wake the other animals of the night. The Bear Hawk spreads his wings from a long day's rest, eager for the night's wild life to emerge. All the while the Wolf Bear sits atop the hill taking in the beauty of it all.

By: Wolf Bear